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About The Mac Ranch

The Mac Ranch has called Steamboat Springs, CO home for over 25 years. We don’t just like Apple products we live, breathe, and love Macs and their users. Changing hands in November of 2013, Jae Seifert now operates The Mac Ranch supporting it’s long tradition of making sure Northwest Colorado is in expert hands when it needs technology service and support.

Stop by the shop at 1125 Lincoln Avenue or give Jae a call at 970.879.1270 for anything you need.

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What's New?

Apple’s Switch to Silicon Chips

One of the major announcements at Apple’s 2020 Worldwide Developer Conference was their transition from Intel chips to their new Silicon chips for future Mac product lines. The goal of the new processors is to increase performance while reducing power consumption. They will be similar to the A-series chips used in iPhones and iPads. They…

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iOS 14 Arrives!

On September 16, Apple released iOS 14, the latest iPhone operating system. It was released in conjunction with iPadOS 14, the iPad’s operating system and they include many of the same upgrades, with the iPad version being optimized for the iPad’s larger display. Here are some of the exciting new features! Widgets! You can now…

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The Mac Ranch v. Tech Support

Here at Mac Ranch, we get a lot of customers who come to us after getting fed up with tech support. Apple’s phone support is better than some (I’m looking at you, Comcast…), but it can still be a slog to work with. Wait times can be very long, and have only gotten longer with…

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