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About The Mac Ranch

The Mac Ranch has called Steamboat Springs, CO home for over 25 years. We don’t just like Apple products we live, breathe, and love Macs and their users. Changing hands in November of 2013, Jae Seifert now operates The Mac Ranch supporting it’s long tradition of making sure Northwest Colorado is in expert hands when it needs technology service and support.

Stop by the shop at 1125 Lincoln Avenue or give Jae a call at 970.879.1270 for anything you need.

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What's New?

Mac Ranch closed Friday 2/26/2021

Mac Ranch Steamboat will be closed on Friday, February 26. We resume normal hours next week (Monday-Friday 10:00-4:30). If you were hoping to stop in Friday, please give us a call at 970.879.1270 to make other arrangements. We apologize for any inconvenience and wish everyone a great weekend!

Please Quit Taping Over Your Mac’s Camera, Folks

Here at Mac Ranch, we frequently take computers in for repair and notice a trend: people like to put tape, stickers or even plastic covers over their FaceTime camera. We understand some of the concern surrounding this issue; articles make the rounds every so often about some new virus that allows people to access your…

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iOS 14 Privacy Features and Why We’re Happy About Them

When iOS 14 was announced last summer, it flagship feature was the privacy upgrade Apple planned to roll out to iPhone users with opt-in tracking. Working out the logistics of that upgrade has delayed its release slightly, but recent updates to iOS 14 have laid clear groundwork, and the full update is expected early this…

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