Here at Mac Ranch, we get a lot of customers who come to us after getting fed up with tech support. Apple’s phone support is better than some (I’m looking at you, Comcast…), but it can still be a slog to work with. Wait times can be very long, and have only gotten longer with Covid. With an especially tricky problem, you may get bounced around between different departments and levels of their support hierarchy. Worst of all, you run a major risk: tech support scams.

Here’s the thing about Google: they like to make money. So when you run a Google search for, say, Mac computer help, the first result isn’t necessarily the best result (ie: Apple), it’s just whoever paid to be the first result (ie: just some guy). If you follow that first result and call a number, suffice to say the person at the other end does not have your best interests in mind.

See that weird international number? Danger, Will Robinson!

Another option for tech support for your Apple products is, of course, an Apple store. You know, like the one in Denver. 150 miles away. And when you get there, you’ll need to wait. And wait. And wait. And wait. And wait some more. You think I jest, but I recently spoke to a customer who spent 6 hours(!) in line at the Apple store.

This sort of dramatic alert is another red flag!

So what’s the alternative to these unreliable, tedious options? Your friendly neighborhood computer shop, of course, the Mac Ranch. If you’re having trouble with your Apple computer, don’t waste your time and energy on a phone support line. Solving computer problems is what we do! Just give us a call at 970.879.1270 or drop by the shop on 12th Street. We’re here to help!

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